Couples “Let Down and Deflated” With Just 15 Wedding Guests

Couples feel ‘let down and exhausted’ after being allowed to host just 15 wedding guests as the sport prepares to welcome thousands of fans. Boris Johnson warned on Monday night that Britain is entering a “season of caution” as he announced new restrictions on coronavirus that will last until the end of March.

Hannah Wilkin, 30, from Norwich, told PA: ‘The 15 limit doesn’t make sense because I can now go to a sporting event with 2,000 people and go to a local pub with 100 people or go to local pubs but not 15 people. One area will allow up to 4 000 spectators to attend events with a capacity of 50%, which is the lowest, while levels 2 and 3 – the highest and lowest levels of public transport – will each have 2 000 and 1 000 spectators respectively. Receptions will be prohibited at level 3, but collective services and weddings will be held with a maximum of 15 guests.

It is believed wedding venues should be able to confirm the capacity they could accommodate depending on the size of the venue. They can also dictate what is appropriate to maintain social distance, with the government recommending 25 to 50 percent, but no more than 15 percent.

Wilkin said she and her fiance were due to marry in Norfolk in June 2021, but the uncertainty has put her plans on hold. Then it prevents us from making life choices, such as starting a family, because we want to get married first.

A nurse from Portsmouth, who did not want to be named, said she and her fiance did not understand how hundreds of sports fans could gather for a football match in the middle of the day to have 15 guests. The 24-year-old said: ‘I would love to get married in a huge church with hundreds of people, but I’m not.

I think the official capacity of the church is about 350 people, so if we could forget even one fifth of that, that would make all the difference. I do not understand how we can be allowed to have sporting events and so on and how cinemas and theatres can be open, but not churches.

One industrial worker cited a lack of security as the reason people delayed planning their weddings and left their people to rot. We worked so hard during the pandemic and just feel so let down and devalued, “he said.

People can’t change their wedding plans for the third or fourth time, there are no wedding dates and there is no guarantee that you want a wedding with 15 people and no wedding reception. The government needs to open up the wedding industry, but it has no plans when it will do so. Due to the ongoing uncertainty, including the fact that we do not yet know who will be there when and for how long, we have cancelled all bookings for next year, “said one self-employed celebrant.

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